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That's right, Vegeta finally showed us his true form. Loved it. <3

That's the way it is.

Chatroulette represents internet in so many ways...or just not.

Anyway, this is exactly how chatroulette is but there is so much more things you've could have added that would have made this a longer and more enjoyable flash. Like for example, there are always some random dudes about 3-4 people who just stare at the screen and starts screaming as soon as they see something. xD

Also loved the random ending, completely unexpected!

Not bad.

I've gotta say, there aren't many Naruto parodies here on Newgrounds so that's a good thing that you're starting posting this. Anyway, I see that you really can draw, some animations looks better than others and it looks like you didn't have much time or you just rushed this one through.

It was a pretty okay fan flash with some randomness but I would like you to watch some other parodies of Naruto here on Newgrounds to get some more inspiration.

Also, try using more frames and animations since it will be more enjoyable to watch instead of watching a guy's mouth only moving which is very boring.

trunksfan001 responds:

thanks and sorry
your right i really rushed in this one
i did it in 2 days because people wouldnt stop nagging me to do it
i have made 3 fan flashes within this week @_@

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Nice game

This is a varied and creative game which feels somewhat short but because of it's insanely hard difficulty I couldn't beat the game after 2 hours of intensive gameplay. I really enjoyed the game but it's too difficult.

That is why I give the game a 7/10


I have no more words for this game, it's amazing and beautiful. It mostly speaks for itself.


I really like this tool. It reminds me alot of Facebook apps that you can share these kind of stats! It you made it even better to enable the sharing feature!


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This is just amazing, it really pumps me up! Awesome that you also brought in Hayley in this song. It's not really her kind of music but this is just amazing!


I love these kinds of mixes because they are so catchy! Great work Paragon!


This seems to be very well made and professionally done! Its just awesome, you should post the lyrics at the author comments so that someone can sing along ^^

Awesome work!

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Is this for real or what?! This is incredible!


This is simply amazing, the variation of the color and the shifting of the background. Awesome!


Since I am a huge fan of Death Note and you can draw really good pictures, I like this picture alot! ; D

Well what do I have to say...Im not a flash artist but I wanna learn but I suck so I gave up :P!! Now you might wonder what I am doing here on Newgrounds well when I was young i found a (bla bla bla Spongebob Teletubbies anime blah blah)Thats all folks!

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